End of an Adventure Reflection

Earlier: Teachers, now Airports. Except for the flight here to DC, the last time I was in an airport was when I was trying to get home to Archie. I was reading the FB post about that night God gave me an empty airport for Him to get my attention. I thought I’d share it with you along with my thoughts about the airport today:

“Sometimes our Heavenly Father wants us to spend time with Him. Tonight He gave me an entire airport, all to myself, well, and Him. Look! There’s the bench He saved JUST for us! Wow…I wonder how long He’s been speaking but I haven’t been paying attention. Guilt. But, forgiveness because He doesn’t hold grudges thank God….er, uh, thank “Him.” The blue tablet? That’s full of facts, figures, and things I’ve learned over the last year. Hmm, none seem very important right now... . My heavenly Dad saved this spot, “all ye who are heavy burdened” Rest….four more hours til my nearly 6 hr flight….”I will give you rest.” Three hrs after that…rest. Is this the middle of your night, too? Do you need a bench on which to rest(at least mentally)? We have plenty of room on our bench. Come…sit a while and rest. You can use my tablet full of important nothings to do something of value: write a thank you note to our heavenly Dad for loving us so very much to save a bench for us to share….and spend some time together. I did. https://youtu.be/YNqo4Un2uZI “


I had that song on repeat for about four hours.

Wow…seems like an eternity ago. That was about 2 am, the night/morning before my flight left CA. 32 hours later we were in the hospital for 9 straight days. Airports…memories…God… .

I had no idea that 5 months later I’d be at an airport, without Archie waiting for me to come home. Odd…I feel like tearing, you know that weird, pressure/sensitivity behind your eyes and nose, but…I don’t. I know where he is. Last time he was in agony, this time he is safe and pain free. I love him too much to wish that time back.

Now I tear, thinking about how much I love him. No, not loved. The love will continue.

I have no bad thoughts or feeling about airports. They are venues to adventure and memories, hopefully good. To associate a singular situation with a means of travel seems short sighted and judgmental. I hope I am not that narrow minded, but I could be. That one journey also equipped me. I had never flown by myself. I needed to navigate a connecting flight through GA! THAT was a big airport, and with God’s help, I did it.

Actually, that entire CA trip was preparatory for now–that’s a scary thought. I had nine days away from Arch, the longest we had ever been apart since the “I Do’s” were said. We had never slept apart for that long, either. Our conversations were the shortest ever, mostly about his work, but then his back. We had never had such short conversations, ever. Hmmm. Lots of “never evers.”

Luke 21:36″But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

I love google. These are the concepts behind this verse:

The long and short of it was: we didn’t see any of that next two days short of a month, or the last 5 months for that matter, coming…but our heavenly Dad did.

Now, I am grateful.

As my adventure ends today and I reflect on reentering my “new normal,” I continue to stand in awe.  My Heavenly Father gave mercy in the form of baby steps into the pain to come, He cut away time for me to spend one on one with Him, and an empty airport to prepare for the journey I am currently on.

He loves me… . Blessings.




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