Bats, Toddlers, and Fears

Night before last my throat was killing me. I was tired but could not rest, due to the pain. I tried gargling and cough drops but those didn’t even make a dent in the discomfort.

Time for coffee. Bingo!

The hot coffee was soothing to my throat. I grabbed my java as the sun was setting, and positioned myself in the back doorway to watch the light fade. I saw a couple of late night birds scurry from tree to tree. Odd. They are never out/up this late. There they were again and they zipped!

Oh my word! These were not birds, they were bats! I’ve never seen bats in my backyard. I remember being a kid, sitting on the porch of our house in Lake City, PA, watching the bats disappear as soon as they appeared from one tree to the next. At first I was scarred, but my dad explained that they were there to eat the bugs/mosquitoes, not to attack humans. After that, it was fun to watch (not that I did that much as a teenager).

As darkness closed in, I could see the swarming bugs in the air. That was unusual, as well. One…two…thhhhhreee…four! Four bats! Wow!  They were fast and ferociously hunting those mosquitoes. Zoom! Zap! Like the 60’s Batman, I could almost see animated words come to life.

I was thinking about how I used to be scared of bats, even though they have never attacked or hurt me. I just don’t know or understand them. They are creepy because they have real looking expressions on nearly hairless faces. They are also beneficial–who knew? I did a smidge of research and found that only 10 people in the last 50 contracted rabies from bats–another fear I had. Each bat can also eat up to 600+ mosquitoes an hour! Hello! No mosquitoes = Bbq.

Keep ’em coming!

This reminded me of other things in my life that I fear or dread but are actually beneficial. Going to the dentist? Doctor? Paying taxes (ok, so that’s a stretch, but that does pay for police, libraries, and maintenance on our beautiful courthouse). For Arch and I marriage counseling. Ouch! That’s getting personal, but people need to hear that others fear or dreaded going, but it was worth it. It made things healthy again.

Then that brought me around to where I am now and where I started, over four months ago. When Archie went home there was nothing but sadness and fear. Taylor and I still have our struggles, but the fear is not nearly as gripping. I used to feel as though my adrenaline and defense mechanisms were always on. I never knew what new situation or bill was going to hit (technically, I still don’t). Why do I now have a better (not perfect) peace? One verse:

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. (Isaiah 41:13)

When you see a toddler toddling back and forth, nearly falling down, then their daddy grabs them by the hand and steadies them, that was/is me. I am learning to walk all over again. It’s scary, unknown, and I don’t like where I am or know where I’m going. I need to relearn how to walk because it’s good for me, so my heavenly Dad took hold of my hand. The longer I walk, the farther I go, the more experience/practice I get. As long as I know/trust that He’s not going to let go, someday I’ll run again.

Until then, I’ll take one step at a time, try not to fear, and trust that He won’t ever let me fall. He wants to do the same for you.

Until Monday, Blessings!


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  1. I don’t like bats either… My reason= I was told if they fly in your hair it gets so tangled and rabies you have to shave your head. For a small girl that was earth shattering. I guess we all have different fears but we all have just one solution, Trust in the Lord to see us thru… Have a great and blessed weekend

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