Pain before…or during…Gain

Nissan is hurting, but she’s getting better!IMG_20160610_184839

From learning of the pains of others to Taylor picking me up from work, clothes for me to change into in tow. She also had supper waiting for me on the front seat. Awww, she loves me :). Off to visit Nissan.

Sam, from the clan of Sam and Lori, has graciously agreed to teach Taylor and I the process of getting Nissan ready to be painted. Nissan is in worse shape than we thought, so I think we are going to be needing more grease than we can pull from our elbows. Sam is experienced and kind and Lori is a sweetheart and brought us out ice water as we are sanding, sanding, and sanding some more.

We actually wanted to start this process weeks ago, but Taylor, after a couple of doctor visits, has only this week begun to feel even a little bit like herself. She said it just hit her yesterday for the first time: she doesn’t have school work and it’s SUMMER!!! She’s done summer classes every year but one, since the 8th grade. It was an unbelievably freeing thought.

Friday and Saturday, about 9-10 hours of sanding for two people and we have this:

IMG_20160611_141959IMG_20160613_204645 (1)

The same color as Dr. Pepper. Perfect.

Whoa…under Nissan’s top coat she had a lot of ouchies/dings/rust. Taylor was shocked. Then I had to think of Friday’s e-mails. Self Check:

How many times do I put on a really good front/top coat and people only see the best best, or at least what I want them to see, instead of who I am?

Wow, take a break. No, wait… . I don’t have the words for this one, so I’m going to get out of the way:

Arch and I loved this skit but haven’t seen it in years. Maybe you haven’t either, or never have. It came to mind when thinking about the pain of the Nissan…and mine. My heavenly Dad knew I needed it and now He is giving it to you.

I am God’s original masterpiece, even when I don’t feel like.

So are you.



2 thoughts on “Pain before…or during…Gain

  1. Doing good job on the Nissan. I had never seen that skit, loved it. Hope you have a blessed week

  2. Archie looked down from heaven and saw his girls working on his “girl”. I imagine He feels blessed that you both are doing what he always dreamed of doing, Restoring the car. I imagine Archie sees the sweat and the elbow grease. He knows all the hours and hard work you both are putting into his car, and he says “Thank You”.

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