Change…everything…everywhere. Now work. We are automating, but that’s good, it’s just another change. Heartfelt is growing because it was getting more difficult to keep up with the amount of people who are falling in love with us. Customers truly matter to the Heartfelt family and they would like to keep the focus where it belongs: on people. Is this for real?

Actually, yes it is. We have a “thank you” department, aka Harlan, who randomly calls customers and/or sends them cards just to say thank you for using our product. Isn’t that crazy? Can you imagine Walmart calling just to say, “Thanks for shopping here.”?

So, why am I talking about work? For a few reasons: It’s another reminder that there is no such thing as a “constant” here on earth, because that would not be healthy. As a company, we must grow and better ourselves in order to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Their needs do not remain the same. Fix one of issue and another one pops up.

Change can be painful, and usually is. Does the term “growing pains” ring any bells (not the TV show 🙂 )? People often use that term in referencing growing children. I use it as we see little glitches that need tiny tweaks in order to obtain a fully working computer system. Also, with our new/change in responsibilities, learning the new system, and teaching it to our customers. We are all growing and it has it’s challenges/pains.

Change allows opportunity for growth. If we keep doing the same things we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get the same results…or people will get bored and move on. Why settle?

Like work, growth does not just “happen.” If you take a seed but don’t plant or water it, it will not grow. They have been planning and building this website for months, ok, years. They had ideas, dreamed about them, took some first steps, failed a few times, and now we have a new reality. Seed+fertile soil+water+sun=growth.

So, now it’s application time. Crap.

As I was organizing our movies I was taken back to our “theme weeks.” We don’t watch a lot of TV, as we do not have cable or dish. We do have movies and TV series. While Taylor was in high school, on the nights she was home, we’d so “theme” weeks watching movies staring the same actor: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Jackie Chan and Meg Ryan, to name a few (or quite a few). Oh, so much fun and something to look forward to, as we watched one person mold themselves into different characters.

Two years ago we did theme weeks for food. Pizza week was one of my favorites, with different toppings. Again, taking something that we do everyday but we’d “change it up,” making it new, exciting, or just different. This allows us to grow and experience new things and flavors within the mundane routine of daily living–who says it has to be?

As a family, we were always trying to spice things up, expand our horizons, try new things. But now… .

The change I’m currently in at home is hard to view as “growing,” but I’m definitely learning a lot, so I guess that qualifies. My one constant is gone, so, no going back on that one. Pain in growth? Everyday. I’ve taken on new responsibilities, learning new cooping skills, and blogging about them (does that qualify for “teaching others”? Just checking).

Change allows for growth. Hmmm, it’s a little early to make that determination. I’m currently just trying to get my energy lever back to what it used to be.

Growth doesn’t just “happen…”. I know I need to make some plans for growth. I’ve filled out my background check info to volunteer at the church and I’m looking forward to teaching some classes for work. Seeds…I’m not sure what I’ve got in my hand, so I’m unclear where to plant them, but God knows. Where He leads, I’ll follow. When He says,”Stop and plant,” I’ll obey. Until then, I’m still holding these nameless seeds in my hand, until direction is given.

I found this verse and it totally wraps all my thoughts into one promise from my heavenly Dad:

Psalm 126:6 “He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.”

We’ll see…stay tuned :).




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  1. Very excited for you!!! Growth is a good thing unless we are physically growing wider.(Hahahaha). Your blogging is teaching. We all can learn from someone else life experience. As we are walking with you down this path and you sharing your thoughts we can see how it applies to our lives. I might not have said it correctly, but bottom line is yes you are helping others. ❤️

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