It was a good day…

Taylor and I agreed. It was the most perfect day it could be…without Dad.

Taylor and I started our Saturday by sleeping in. Weekends aren’t always the best for me. I don’t do well with “open” time. Scheduling is my friend, as, in the past, all my free time I made available to spend with Archie.  To make a long story short, weekends I am usually up extremely late/early so I can fall asleep quickly and not dread the next day. I’m still working on weekends. Don’t worry, I am now adding that to may “list,” aaaaand, check.

Taylor and I had a discussion about how many house repairs are left undone and why. Arch was gone a lot last year and in the middle of projects. When I would work on one when he wasn’t home, he’d feel guilty, so he’d prefer I didn’t do them until we could work on them together. Great idea, it just didn’t turn out so well.

After we got up with the fury kids (you know the kids are the ones that wake you up in the morning), we made coffee and chatted for about an hour.

Mornings are good for Taylor. She usually goes to bed with a horrible head ache that has been developing throughout the day, but when she first wakes up she is usually pain free. Thankfully, that IS the way it was this morning.

We then pulled a “mom and dad” holiday, and ran some errands for supplies to work on the house. We found a gift card that Taylor had given Arch for McDonald’s, so that was where we lunched on our running. We ran past a home with perennials in the front yard for $1 each. (All but two on the one side of the house didn’t make it through winter.) I haven’t been in the mood of planting but..$1!!!! I think I should make time. So, I did. Home to plant. Taylor hung out on the Adirondack chair in the front and chatted with me while I worked, watering for me when needed.

We were nearing the end, still no ran, so I looked at her and said, “Hey, do you still want to try that new coffee shop in North Webster?” Her eyes lite up with excitement. We did one step further and got out our bikes, first time we were going to ride them in two years.

Taylor’s is a fixed-gear bike from the fifies. She loves it, rust and all. Mine is a three speed from the mid-seventies, with sparkly green plastic grips :), so we are definitely not going to rock the town with anything of modern design. We adore our oldies but goodies and wouldn’t want any others. They are both green, Archie’s favorite color.

Both had flat tires and layers of dust. When we blew up Taylor’s tires the rubber began splitting and the tubes could be seen. Yep, original tires. She just grinned and decided we take her as far as she’d go, so into the pickup they were carefully laid and secured. We were off.

We made it to the coffee shop. It is in what used to be the old wax museum in downtown North Webster. We reminisced on the drive about how the towns have changed and that Taylor still remembers the skeleton of the old amusement park in North Webster, now, long gone. Oh, memories.

We talked about the different houses she grew up in and where she has the most memories. She spoke of what she liked about the different small towns from kindergarten/elementary school, Warsaw, Milford and Nappanee, and then Middle and High School, Nappanee and Goshen, along with her favorites houses and yards.

When we arrived for coffee, we discussed who was paying. She offered to pay for mine because she has a “coffee budget.” Good girl. I thanked her but we went dutch. The inside of the building was beautifully remodeled with different levels of seating, a fireplace, and an extra sunken seating area. They had the Spanish type arches along one wall with the interiors painted with chalk boards paint and fun sayings and pricing.

We ordered our drinks but opted to visit outside. Next door was a newly opened antique furniture store which was calling her name, Loudly. We meandered over and admired the unique rusty gate leaning against the front window with rusty 3-D flowers. It was spectacular!

After our loop around the store, we headed back to the castle. The patrons who had occupied the outdoor seating had left and the white wicker chairs welcomed us with open arms. There we sat and chatted for about 40 minutes, beneath the clock tower of old.

Taylor sighed,”This is what I’ve been needing, mom.” I know :).

When the coffee was gone, the bikes came out. I told her,”You lead, I’ll follow,” and off we went. We followed the road around the lake. It was peaceful and surprisingly, for a holiday weekend, the roads were nearly empty–but the lake was full of boats! It was beautiful. Taylor was all smiles. We headed back to the truck, tucked the bikes back in, just as the first sprinkles from the evening shower arrived. “Just in time!”

We did make one more stop on the way out of town at the local greenhouse. The sprinkles let up just long enough for us to explore a bit, purchasing nothing, then driving home. Shortly there after…IT POURED!!!

God is awesome. His love shined brightly today. We didn’t have to even look for it, it was undeniably all around us.

Weird video but I love the words. God’s love is loyal. When my world is shaken, He is unshakable. I can’t do anything to get away from it/HIM. Even when I am ugly and push Him away, He is still there, in the shadows, allowing me space to get my selfishness out, and ultimately, offering forgiveness, without strings.

He’s provision is undeniable. Taylor and I stand in awe that through His carefully orchestrated followers, the roof remains over our head and will continue to do so.

His love in indescribable–I see it in action everyday at Heartfelt.

In spite of all of the grief and crap life throws at us, there is still this weird joy (not happiness)/trust Taylor and I have, knowing that in the end…

everything is going to be alright.

All in all…it was a very good day.





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  1. So happy you and Taylor could have an awesome day like that! The heavens knew you needed it and held off the rain! ☁☔Love you both very much! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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