Post birthday, but not. Dear Martha at work asked me when they could celebrate my birthday, for birthdays at Heartfelt (if one believes in birthdays) are special.

I was having a rough week last week so I told Martha that if I “had” to have a birthday, I’d prefer to celebrate it on Monday, because then I would technically have made it through. Martha has a list of everyone’s favorite food or dessert, so I walked into white cake with white frosting today.

I love all kinds of desserts, chocolate, caramels and toffee, but as an all time favorite, I am a basic person. Little flair. I liked Archie’s shadow: Gloria’s pecan bars and Sharon’s chocolate chip cookies. When the ladies would send them home for me I was always grateful. Archie was the cheesecake, triple-layer-chocolate anything with cream cheese frosting extraordinaire. I am white cake with white buttercream frosting. Paired with coffee? A simple pleasure.

I was blessed with not one, but three tours today! Technically, one was impromptu, as we had a guest arrive expecting a store and settled, extremely happily, on a tour. She joined a scheduled tour and they all left as new friends, hugging each other farewell. They were fairly new to the Heartfelt family but left feeling like old friends.

The next group claimed to be, “Chosen sisters, not by birth, but by choice.” I loved, loved, LOVED these ladies who posed in front of the backdrop for our YouTube channel, clicked pictures of everything that didn’t move, and also things that did, and ended with me taking their picture surrounding our Heartfelt Creations sign. Sooo much fun! Exhausting, but to do it again? In a heartbeat. Our family grew today… .

In so doing, I missed the lunch celebration. Martha made sure she found me, cake in hand and smiling ear to ear,”I’ll put this on your desk!” I love Martha. There was also a beautiful peacock card signed by our Heartfelt family and a can of coffee with a card, from Harlan. He loves sharing coffee with people. When the last of our new family left I plopped down at my desk. What should pop into my “inbox?” A gift certificate from my sister Tammy! She was in cahoots with Emma Lou so I could purchase some missing pieces of my beloved collection of dies and stamps. Since I am a single income, it isn’t as easy to justify this “therapy.” Thanks to Tammy, some of my stamps will finally meet their die counterparts. Thanks Tammy!

Back to orders, updates, new wholesale customers, and Release Parties! I LOVE MY JOB! And so I finished out a very long but fulfilling day. As I was leaving my phone vibrates and Taylor texts. Shortly after I get home she calls and we talk for about half an hour. What a blessing.

Sooo…if people have chosen family…I think this year I’ll have a chosen birthday and let’s make it today.

It was a very good day.

I cannot do anything about the past. God had his reasons and if I could wave a magic wand and bring Archie back…would he want to come? Heaven…or me? If I were him I’d pick Heaven, hands down, especially knowing I will be with him again, someday.

So, for now I only have the moment. I’m going to try and not miss a thing. Happy Birthday to me.


2 thoughts on “Mulligan

  1. Happy Birthday Tracy!
    Baby steps !! Your life is forever changed and so moving forward u are making your memories! Continue prayers and Blessing as u move forward on your journey as a single individual!

  2. It sounds as if you have made some new and wonderful birthday memories. One step and one breath at a time. God blessπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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