Mother’s Day/Taylor’s Reception, I’ve heard it both ways

Mother’s Day/Taylor’s Reception, I’ve heard it both ways. Archie picked the date, the place and the time. We had purchased the majority of the basics last year as a family. Out of the generosity from Archie’s colleague, Kristin, we were able to buy the extra touches to make the reception feel personalized.

The church was kind enough to make some exceptions and we were blessed to have her party at the YMC at Nappanee Missionary Church.

We had planned on attending church before the reception but couldn’t figure out how to keep the hot food hot and the cold food cold, as we are close to 30 minutes from the church. I’m grateful there is a podcast to catch up later.

My sister Tammy and her hubby Dave spent the night Saturday night, along with my dad, and she stayed up with me until 11:15 as there was lots and lots to cut up and macaroni salad to make (odd, but that was Archie’s favorite we would only make it for holidays and special events–this counted).

Back up around 7ish to get ready for the day and get things moving. Meatballs and cheesy potatoes to start, vehicles to load, glass bowls to remember for microwaving. Sooo very much to do. Tom and Jolene surprised us at 8. The van and my dad’s truck are packed to the hilt. Off to the church!

We are joined by my step-dad Gary and his lovely wife, Carol, who joined the family a little over a year ago, the Hopsecger crew of 8, the Nimtz crew of 7, and Bobby and Kathleen. It was unbelievable but we needed every single person to make it to the 1:00 start up. Amazingly we finished 10 minutes early. I am grateful to each and everyone of you who helped as there was absolutely no way I could have accomplished any of this on my own.

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There were two pieces that had special meaning. One was the door that Archie had cut down a long time ago that was perfect for her,”Keys to Success.” We asked everyone to write down what they considered keys to success in the realm of employment.


The other was the,”A Window to Mom’s Soul,” with pictures of my two favorite people. My favorite was the picture of infant Taylor, just home from the hospital, laying on Archie’s chest, next to the last picture of the two of them, the night before Chemo started.

13100829_1120138924715063_3733635920963845971_n (1)

Laying in front are “Make a Wish” tickets.ย Archie and Taylor’s favorite joke-phrase was,”Make a wish,” a quote from their favorite show, Psych. We came across the Heartfelt paper that had the beautiful rendition of their saying and they generously gave us the sheets. We asked guests to make a wish for Taylor on the back of the ticket then turn the ticket in to begin Taylor on her journey for their wish. The box with the picture of the three of us, signed by our Heartfelt family, was given to us after they selflessly held a pizza fundraiser for us. Taylor wanted to reuse the creatively stunning box.

The piece that was the most fun was the video Uncle Tom created using pictures of Taylor and Taylor with Archie and I. One of the favorites parts was the face of Taylor glued to that of an animated (I think) James Brown. It looked very real and she appeared to have some serious dancing skills. His hard work was evident.

Luke 6:8 “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.โ€

You can see from the pictures that those who helped gave far more than they had to. May their blessings runneth over and fall into their laps.

Between the time, effort, creativity, money, crafting supplies, and distinct abilities, you can see the evidence of God’s amazing plan, that I had nothing to do with, but do my personal best, let go, let God, and show up for the rest.

As a PS: Thank you Kathleen and Bobby for the pictures that I stole off of your fb pages!!! You rock!


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  1. What a wonderful and blessed day.
    God sure does know his stuff!!!

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