Until we meet again… .

SHE’S DONE!!!! WHAAAA HOOOO!!!! The weekend did not go quite as planned, but seriously, does it ever?

Thursday night I fell into bed at 3 am–or do you call that Friday? Then up again at 6:00 am, lots to do, little time, with me, myself, and I–team effort, don’t cha know.


Everything was packed for the grad party in individual tubs and labeled. I hauled everything to the garage and stacked it near the side door to make it easy for loading on Sunday. I made Taylor coffee and she was up and out in a flash. Rehearsal for graduation at Grace was 8:00 am, I think. There were a total of 613ish graduates, around 450 that walked. Lunch was to follow in the Alpha Cafeteria, and, remember, I was invited.

First things first, prioritize: run out and get more ice to make sure food would not thaw due to the fridge issue. Next, I just couldn’t leave a dirty refridg for anyone to pick up, so that needed to be cleaned out (even if it was broken). Did I mention the fridge decided to pop back on in the night? Hmph.

Still the delivery person did not show, on to the bathroom. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Still no delivery man. Finger tapping, finger tapping. By now it is 10:50, too late to make the lunch :_(, but in walks my dad. First guest! That was a nice surprise. We chatted for a while and then….in walks Taylor….? I had texted her that I wasn’t going to make it to the luncheon. She walked into Alpha…then walked out. She decided she’d rather eat at home with me. Surprise! Pap pap, too.

Since I still needed to wrap up loose ends at work, that did give me the opportunity to go in a little earlier.  She stayed home for the delivery man.

When I got home from work Taylor and I were off to Grace for the “Dessert with the President” (of Grace) for honors students. We arrived just a smidge early so we had the opportunity for excellent parking. Taylor showed me where she had taken the majority of her business classes, introduced me to profs, then we went in for the reception. Strawberries with ganache, two chefs cutting fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and tables full of triple layer cake slices, cheese cake, mousses, cookies and other goodies!

But Taylor looked around…lost. I asked where she wanted to start. She looked blank and said she wasn’t hungry. She had in her mind what this night was going to be like. This was not it. We ate a little fruit and drank some coffee. She looked at me and said,”What now, mom?”

Sinking, empty feeling. One million, three hundred forty-seven thousand, eight hundred ninety second time I wish I could have taken Archie’s place so she would have her dad. But I couldn’t. I can’t make this feel right.

“Do you want to go see Dad?”

While we were at Novi we got the text that Archie’s stone had come in. We grabbed cheese cake (his favorite) then drove an hour to see him. We know he’s not there, for he is waiting for us in heaven. We just needed to be near the last of what remains, here on earth. She felt better sharing her cheesecake with her dad.

I snapped a pic and am am sharing it with you… .


Philippians 2:20 “20 I have no one else like him, who will show genuine concern for your welfare.”

She has our Heavenly Dad, and she is grateful. She just needed to spend a few moments with the one He blessed her with for 21 years, who fought so hard to give her the opportunities she has had. There was “no one else like him, who showed genuine concern for her welfare,” because no one can replace her dad.

Not the way she expected to start her graduation from college, but I did the best I could.

As a PS, the stone with the bench, was provided for by my brother Tom (Jolene, too), the go-fund-me he set up and topped off by Heartfelt Creations. As you can see, it’s going to get A LOT of use. We will never be able to thank them all enough–EVER. Thank you, again.

The best graduation gift I could have asked for her: enabling her dad to give her a place to rest when she is tired and the burdens are heavy, and he’s not able to do that for himself.

Until we meet again… .



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  1. I’m so glad that all of our contributions enabled you to have this special stone for Archie.
    I am also extremely grateful that it was setup ahead of schedule!
    Love & prayers always ❤

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