Outing on Day 1

We’re back! How was your weekend (feel free to comment)? Ours was full of adventure, disappointment, realizations, appreciation, tears, and WALKING.


Our to-do’s list on schedule for Chicago:

Day 1: Pedway Tour from Groupon 10:00 am, Robi House tour from groupon at 3:00 pm.

Day 2: Cubs verses Braves game at Wrigley Field 1:20 (Taylor’s team against Archie’s, the same match up as the last time we went as a family)

Day 3: First train out for home, stopping at Sam’s for some final things for Taylor’s graduation.

That’s not quite the way things turned out.

Since Archie was the driver, Taylor and I boarded the South Shore at the airport in South Bend on Friday, at 5:50 am, two days of clothes in tow. Taking the earliest train saves time because they do not make all of the stops on the later routes (now you know 😉 ). We left without our morning coffee so our first stop after arrival was Dunkin’ Donuts for bagels and coffee.

We had plenty of time to find our meet up for the tour, so we took a walk up Michigan Ave. for a few pictures. It was an overcast morning and a little breezy, but we were excited to be there.

Archie and I took two Pedway tours over the last three years and we always wanted to take Taylor. Last year he didn’t have time for Chicago tours…next year, he said. I am grateful that on the way back from his required trip to MN in December, we stopped by for a (very) brisk walk. His back only allowed us 1.5 hrs in the windy city, but we did take some very nice pictures. Next year never came… .

The Pedway was very nice and a new route. I had lots of tears reminiscing. Taylor had no idea there was a city under the city and I learned more history about Chicago originally being built on stilts over the railway. We had opportunity to see Chicago architecture, which Taylor and I both love, received a free sample of Chicago style popcorn, and Taylor won one of the pop quizzes and received a Pedway t-shirt. Smiles.

Back to the South Shore to 57th street and then a walk to the Robi House, built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Taylor loves the lines of the designs of his houses and furniture. He liked to combine nature with his structures and for the interior lighting he was known to say that he, “used shadows as paint.” We really enjoyed our tour. Back on the train to the city.

We caught an early house tour so we made it back to the city in great time and checked into our hotel. Let’s just say the star ratings wouldn’t have lit up the sky…or a closet, but it was very near Michigan Ave and as long as we were together we were safe.

We walked a bit and shopped a couple of discount stores, Ross’, and TJ Max. Taylor found the dress she really wanted for graduation and I was thrilled to be with her for it’s purchase. We walked the half a mile back, using a gift card for subway for supper. Love the gift cards! We watched some cable TV (we don’t have that at home) and finally fell into bed to sleep.


Psalms 16:11 “You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.”

Taylor and I spoke a lot of the opportunities that graduating from college will hopefully bring her. She is trusting our heavenly Dad to light the path as to if she is where God wants her to be or if someday adventures will be opened and she obediently will go. Either way, this is exactly the spot in her journey where her dad and I dreamed her to stand.  From here, it is between Taylor and her heavenly Dad.

That was day 1. The next day was COMPLETELY different. Day 2 plan: take it and throw it out the window… .




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  1. Glad you all are back home safe and sound. Sounds like a wonderful mother and daughter adventure. Remembering old memories and making new ones.. Can’t wait to hear about Day 2.. 🙏🙏🙏

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