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One week ago today Taylor submitted her last paper…on the same day our neighbor died. What a week. Let’s NOT do it again.

She slept until in until 10:30 am for the next two mornings, which is unheard of for a morning person like Taylor. I told her she’s got 16 years of early rising to make up for :).

Ecclesiates 3:13 “That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.”

Satisfied is an understatement of how Taylor feels about FINALLY completing her very last class…but after 5 days of no homework she’s now chomping at the bit for a new challenge (after her trip to CA, of course). God knows.

Taylor and I are stepping away from life for a couple of days to celebrate her accomplishment. This has been a plan since she started her college journey 3+ years ago. Now it’s a more compact plan and just the two of us. Even the discussion of what we will do causes tears because what was possible one year ago is not even within our grasp. God knows. Now our plan is “fun size” instead of “king size”. There will be lots of unknowns and more emotions than we care to think about, but our heavenly Dad will get us where we need to be, when we need to be there, even if that means we miss an event or two…or three…you get the picture.

At work I put an,”Out of the Office,” instant reply in place. I guess I’m going to kinda do that here. So here is goes:

Thank you for joining me on the last 68 days on my journey! I cannot say this journey is fun, but it is challenging, interesting, and emotional to say the least. The one aspect of this expedition that is undeniable is the focus on my heavenly Dad and Taylor.

For the next couple of days I am going to (try) not to journal, rationalize, or figure out feelings, emotions, or grief. I am going to LEAN into and on my heavenly Dad, focus on my daughter and try to give her enough attention from one of me to make up for the two of “us” that were supposed to be here for this celebration.

See you Monday morning, 5/2/2016!!!


4 thoughts on “Out of the Office Reply

  1. Will miss your writings, you have true talent. Laughter is always the best medicine for everything..
    🙏🙏🙏❤️ prayers always

  2. Enjoy your time together- it’s hard earned and well deserved! We’re always here for you, whenever you need/want us; it is our honor to walk alongside you and support you on this journey. We love you so much and we’ve never stopped praying for you! Lots of Love & Prayers <3

  3. You two deserve a get away, regroup, refresh. Don’t be afraid to laugh alittle more, love alittle deeper and remember, memories are a way to healing.

  4. Agree with Lisa – it is okay to laugh – and cry, do new things, do old things (differently). So glad you’re getting away together. Have fun, be safe, and we’ll keep praying through your “journey”! Love you both!

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