God’s Love on a Platter

Today we had a tour go through Heartfelt. I love tours. We have amazing hardworking employees. I have the opportunity to introduce every employee and brag about how everyone is cross trained and so very valuable. Tomorrow there are two, so it’s a double blessing day.

While introducing myself today, Mary, sneaked into the office. Last week she brought a new friend, who just moved to town, in for a tour. It was so cute because she arrived today just before our new tourists started back for the tour. I introduced her and she announced to them that she was, “setting the standard for thank you’s by bringing in goodies”. She brought fudge and cookies and set them on my desk and gave a hearty delivery to my office buddy Chris because he fixed her cell phone last week while she waited. So funny.

As I was taking our guests back, we started through the break room. There, above the microwaves, were pans of fresh cinnamon rolls with caramel icing. Tomorrow is Waneda’s birthday and Martha made one of her favorites to help her–and all of us–celebrate. That brought back the memories of yesterday… .

Yesterday was Refresh. Do you remember me telling you about “Refresh?” The last Tuesday of each month we are forced (that is dripping with sarcasm, btw) to go into the break room to play a game together. This time we were given dry spaghetti, one large marshmallow, a yard of blue tape, and some string. We had 20 minutes to build a tower and the one who’s marshmallow was up the highest won “Benopoly” money for the snacks available for purchase. Too fun! Yes, we took pictures. Yes, we got paid to do this AND they FED US!!! Doughnuts and fruit parfaits. Did I mention we got paid to eat, too? CRAZY AWESOME!

Why do they do this? It definitely builds “Team” Heartfelt.

Why did that hit me so hard today? Maybe it was the OPPORTUNITY to speak highly of those I work with, that made me think of all of the quiet, behind the scenes kindness that the owners and their family do for we employees that goes unnoticed/unsung by the general public.

Maybe it was how food was related to relationship building in three different instances, the thank you from Mary, the birthday for Waneda, and Refresh. I should probably explain why food is such an issue right now:

Eating is a chore for Taylor and I. Food is not enjoyable (except chocolate), it’s just another “thing” we are required to do to keep going. Food at work is a different story!  Taylor and I both get excited when someone has a birthday and Martha makes a special treat, or both of us were looking forward to seeing what fun food they had planned for Refresh–it’s always different and a new experience.

It’s strange. Food at home=a have to. Food at work for celebration= exciting, something to look forward to. We could make the same “special” food at home as they serve at work….but it wouldn’t be the same. What we have found is that who we share the food with is just as important as what we are eating. Please understand, it’s not that we don’t enjoy eating together, it’s just that Archie’s void is very apparent when it’s just the two of us. The emptiness of his seat takes away the appetite… .

Acts 2:46-47a ” 46 And day by day,attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, 47 praising God and having favor with all the people.”

So let me ask you: Who have you shared a meal with lately? When was the last time you celebrated someone’s birthday OTHER than your immediate family? How do you show gratitude to people, words or actions(like fudge and cookies, hint, hint)?

The next time you step out of your comfort zone, find yourself standing in front of someone’s door with a plate of cookies (internally thinking how “ridiculous” this is), I hope you somehow hear our heavenly Dad’s voice ringing in your ears,” Well done, good and faithful servant.” Matt. 25:23. It may not mean much to you, maybe it’s even an inconvenience, but to the receiver, you have shown God’s love, with skin on.

Thank you.


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