Never Stop or Begin Again

Dreams… you remember yours? I don’t sleep well, so when I finally do fall asleep I sleep hard enough I don’t usually remember my dreams. They are usually about past events or people with new scenarios. How about yours? My past was with Archie, so dreams are painful when I wake up and realize those new scenarios will never come to be.

This morning I awoke in the middle of a dream……. .

Arch and I had just purchased yet another home but I only saw two rooms, and the house was a fixer upper, the norm. There was little furniture and we had clothes in neat piles against the wall. Why the dream took place in such a stark place,  I don’t understand, but we were happy, none the less.

In the dream Archie and I were doing what we always did when we were alone, flirt and smack talk each other. Always. We both had this competitive edge that we played off and used to flirt.  We both figured, if we didn’t flirt with each other, “someone else will!” yah, no. Besides, that’s how this whole thing got started…..(whimsical music like we are traveling back in time–oh, wait, that’s just in my head….).

The basketball player and the new cheerleader (yes, that was Archie and I, laugh if you want to). Warm-ups before a game for the bb team, we cheerleaders were doing a pre-game floor routine and SNAP! Pain in my leg. I turned around there stood the toothy grin of the tall and lanky boy wonder himself, towel in hand. A towel fight ensued, and that became kind of our pre-game ritual. I played girls basketball, too, so we had a lot of time to practice our aim and technique at snapping towels (he was always so much better at it than me).

We also both played softball, so again, additional opportunities, even after the snow melted. We were smitten, and it all started with the snap of a towel. The key….never stop snapping the towel, i.e., never stop flirting….and we didn’t.

We turned that into corny things. Like tonight I got out chocolate molds to start the mints for Taylor’s graduation…..not cool. In with my molds was a single sheet to make valentine candy hearts…..tears.  Every Valentine’s day Arch and I would buy a cheapy bag of candy hearts and compete to see who could come up with the longest sentence, that had to actually make sense, for each other. Then we’d have stupid little conversations with the hearts back and forth until we couldn’t come up with any new phrases. Yes, even after 26 years, we would still buy a dollar bag of Valentine candy to flirt.

We didn’t make it this year….tears. The candy mold reminded me of flirting days that are over. No one to make silly sentences and laugh with. No one that knows that timeless value of that dollar well spent. Priceless.

“Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband.” 1 Corinthians 7:3

I have no idea why this came up today. The memories are sweet and painful as the fact remains that these precious moments will never happen in Archie and my fairy tale again….but they could for you.

If I could give one piece of advice to someone about how to stay in love, other than keeping God first, is flirt like you were a teenager. Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks-it’s not about or for them.

My challenge to you: Recapture the heart of the one that stole yours.

Sweet dreams dear friends….. .

One thought on “Never Stop or Begin Again

  1. What a wonderful love story. Thanks for sharing your personal and painful memories. I have shared some of your stories and people are thankful for the reminders.
    God be with you and Taylor always 🙏🙏

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