One of the many things I like about work is the opportunity to bring comfort and a smile. We have “regulars” that we know by first name, their background, where they are in life now, and how crafting is helping them help others. We have ladies that make birthday cards for hospice patients. One makes cards to profit the fight against human trafficking. Another who is unable to leave her home due to the depression from loosing her son, as it has disabled her, but she continues to make cards of hope for those around her. I am in awe of the reach a single piece of paper has to provide comfort, hope, and freedom.

These precious ladies are more than customers….their family.

Sometimes we receive urgent calls from our “chosen kin.” They have accidentally ordered duplicates, their eye sight is failing and they cannot read the instructions for a product or some other seemingly mountainous issue and their stomachs are in knots. With a few soothing words of,”what can I do to help,” and not holding them to rigid, unbreakable rules, 99% of the time we can help them feel heard, helped, and supported.

Today I came in to a couple of fires. You hate to see the flames and the discomfort it causes, but by extinguishing other people’s blazes, I take my focus off of my own pain and am blessed with the opportunity to help others.

When I stopped and looked at what I just wrote, the thought occurred to me: is my pain helping other people cope with theirs? By Archie going home (albeit way too early for me) has caused healing to family relationships, marital relationships, and brought others to the Lord. So much healing from an incredible amount of loss.

I am going to take another uncomfortable step forward: it would be extremely easy to keep my grief to myself. I have many times not wanted to get out of bed but, thank you Grief Share, have chosen to do,”the next right thing,” and keep moving. If I hadn’t chosen to do that…..no, change that, if I don’t continue to keep doing that, depression is a guarantee, not a mere possibility.

If these ladies on the other end of the line wouldn’t call and share their stories, I couldn’t personally reflect on mine and in so doing find comfort. It takes a lot for them to share their pain but with every word, their burden gets lighter as they shift the weight crushing in on them to the shoulder of another, who genuinely cares….and we do. We ask them if we can or tell them that we will….pray for them….and we do. I am blessed.

Heartfelt is a very small company, about 30 employees, but with one of the biggest hearts (and some of the broadest shoulders) I have ever seen. Even our designers, approximately 23, from maybe 7 different countries share the heart of Heartfelt. A couple of days ago my Dutch Designer friend from Holland dedicated her weekly blog in honor of Taylor and I. I will include her link so you can admire her efforts to make the world a more beautiful place and has allowed we at Heartfelt to help.

1 Peter 3:4 “Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit that is so precious to God.”

Today, I looked for beauty. It wasn’t in the weather, art, or jewelry. I did not have to seek until I was exhausted. I sat, listened, and thanked my heavenly Dad for bringing the beauty to me….one telephone call, one e-mail, and one smiling face at Heartfelt, at a time.

Meet an incredibly talented Designer from Holland, that I am blessed to call friend:





3 thoughts on “9-5

  1. What a blessing.
    ” God sees your pain.
    He will supply an opportunity.
    He will provide a way.
    Bigger and greater than before”

    God is one

  2. So apparent that God specifically placed you at Heartfelt “for such a time as this”. It’s great how you are blessed through your work and how you bless others through it, even through your pain. There was an old song, “Blessed to be a blessing” … Keep on! Love you!

  3. Hi sweet Tracy,
    You do help others by sharing your pain…this helps you to become stronger and others to feel they are not alone in their journey of healing. I love the use of scripture in the content. So happy you are getting so much support from scripture and our extended family at Heartfelt Creations….thats what family is for…supporting ox’s

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