Dad’s Baby

Archie’s baby is sick. No, that’s not his dog Dash, it’s his Nissan. It’s a 93 and it has definitely seen better days.

The story of the Nissan: Once upon a time in the Land of Milford there was a tiny car lot called Milford Auto Sales. In 1999 or so a beautiful pewter 1989 Nissan came to take residence on said lot and was desperately seeking a new home. Along came prince Archie. The Nissan blinked her retractable lights at Archie and stole his heart.

A few years went by and the Nissan was not aging well. Rust and corrosion were eating her underside. Along comes a stranger to the rescue:

A man walked into The Paper’s and asked who’s Nissan was in the parking lot. Archie learily said, “Mine. Why?” To which the gentleman said,”Want another one?” Whaaaaat? He had a 1993 red Nissan w/a nifty spoiler and sunroof that his step daughter had blown the engine and trany on. Would Archie like to buy it? Arch had to think about it….. . He came home wanting this Nissan soooo badly, but not able to justify the money. He called the gentleman and told him no.

This was NOT the end of the story.

In walked Lee, from Price Auto and Repair, the sun glistening off of his wrench and diagnostic computer. The stranger left the red Nissan at Price’s for a looooooong time. Some how I found out ( 🙂 ). I called Lee. I asked Lee to make the guy an offer for me and….the guy accepted. I snuck the pewter Nissan to Lee, but then had to come clean–it’s a little hard to explain why a car is gone when you only have two. Who knew?

Lee took the engine and transmission out of the pewter Nissan and gave a heart replacement to the red Nissan. Arch loved that car (not as much as his 63 Imapala, but hey, I’m not a miracle worker). A couple of years later I again snuck the car out to have a stereo put in for him.

When Taylor was 8 or so she and her dad were driving during a regular winter day, when they hit a patch of ice. The Nissan is very light, and rear wheel drive, and they slid on black ice, doing a 360 and landed in front of a semi! It freaked Archie out enough that the Nissan was no longer allowed on the road for the winter season. This was not for the safety of the car, but the life of Taylor.

So now the car sits quietly, but with anticipation, waiting for her beloved to take her for a spin. Winter is over! Unbeknownst to her, he’s not here anymore. Taylor and I tried to start her, but I think she is sad. She refuses to commence for any other. Her spark is gone.

We tried to jump her to see if she would purrr, but to no avail. Another transplant was needed. Thankfully her battery was still under warranty and was replaced free of charge and she reluctantly agreed to open her eyes, but she’s sick. I think she is heart broken, too.

I called Lee. Lee knows of the love of prince Archie that he shared with Taylor and their precious Nissan. He has given me an estimate to fix this giant piece of Taylor’s heart, that I can afford. I am grateful. Nissan will hopefully be on the amends soon….and so will Taylor.

The Nissan is an irreplaceable piece of Taylor and her dad. When she’d get mad, she’d sit in the Nissan. He’d climb in and they’d hash it out. They’d jam in the Nissan to DC talk and Toby Mac. When she and a guy friend went their separate ways, we waxed the Nissan. We even took the Nissan in the Crusin’ Goshen, windows down (she doesn’t have air conditioning), Taylor and Arch loving every minute….together. Oh, that car. Taylor sees her dad, hears her dad, and feels her dad spirit when the cars rumbles to the beat of their music, in that car.

Today we took the Nissan to Lee. Taylor was driving her and she still did not want to go. She knew her prince was not in control and she is still sad. Taylor was sad too, driving through the intersection from that winter day long ago, listening to Toby Mac and realizing that she will never again be able to reminisce with her dad about those memories that only those two shared. She is heartbroken, just like the Nissan.

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit (Psalms 34:18)

I don’t have the answer for my brokenhearted daughter or the Nissan that is sharing her grief. All I can do is share this promise from our heavenly Dad and share my thought on her pain and that of the Nissan: At least they have each other… .


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