God’s Love on a Platter

Today we had a tour go through Heartfelt. I love tours. We have amazing hardworking employees. I have the opportunity to introduce every employee and brag about how everyone is cross trained and so very valuable. Tomorrow there are two, so it’s a double blessing day.

While introducing myself today, Mary, sneaked into the office. Last week she brought a new friend, who just moved to town, in for a tour. It was so cute because she arrived today just before our new tourists started back for the tour. I introduced her and she announced to them that she was, “setting the standard for thank you’s by bringing in goodies”. She brought fudge and cookies and set them on my desk and gave a hearty delivery to my office buddy Chris because he fixed her cell phone last week while she waited. So funny. Continue reading “God’s Love on a Platter”

Guilt or No Guilt, that is the Question

That was NOT the plan for the night. Last week’s Grief Share was about the “Why’s” people ask God, while other’s demand answers. We discussed what the difference was (demanding is trying to control God).

Taylor and I neither ask those questions to God so we found last week a little difficult to relate to. And then there was tonight… .

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More than Once

Day 2 and Taylor has allowed herself to drink out of her “Grace Alumni” coffee mug. Though she hasn’t officially walked, she has completed every task and requirement, including her exit interview. She’s contemplating when she will wear her college ring Archie and I got her in September, engraved with,”Congrats! Mom and Dad”.

As with everything else right now, bittersweet… .

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Today I am reversed. Ever have a day like that? Usually I process my day through writing and then lately I find the music that describes where I am or how I am feeling on this journey of grief.

Today there were just not a lot of feelings…just…numbness, which is technically a feeling, or the lack there of. I digress…

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