Unnamed Disciples…or are they?

What does supper look like at your house? How’s your appetite? It is such a chore at out house. Archie and I LOVED Chinese stir-fry veggies every night. We’d then add whatever sounded good to him, for meat. Chicken or pork with various seasoning, sauteing onions and…stuff :), or marinading. It was always an adventure because you never knew what he’d be in the mood of. Rarely was it ever the same thing twice.

We haven’t even starting on the topic of smoking! Arch LOVED the taste of smoked food–meat, cheese, corn on the cob, potatoes, ohhh…the smokey flavor. He started getting serious two years ago about dry rubs and various kinds of wood for distinct flavor definition. He bought a little charcoal smoker, but couldn’t keep the heat up. Last year for Father’s Day Taylor and I surprised him with a gas/charcoal smoker. He was at work a lot so we were sneaky: we put it on the front deck. It was hidden in plain sight for weeks. He was shocked when we finally pointed it out to him and he realized it had been in front of him for such a long time :). He loved it but only had a chance to use it twice. Next year he said….. .

Now when supper time arrives….who cares? Taylor grew tired of the veggies and started making her own meals when she was 17. We’d always ask if she’d like to join us, and once in a while she’d take us up on it, but rarely. Now it’s just the two of us. She is just like her dad in that she wants something different about every night, but it’s in her head, and she has to create it. Either that or she doesn’t want anything at all. Grief has the power to take away every good desire. At least for a while….. .

Technically, she has her own apartment, so she doesn’t really even have to come around–but she does–and I’m so very grateful.  And then there’s me….

Cheese, crackers, sweet pickles, and four cherry tomatoes (so I can check off the veggie column in my head). That’s a safe and quick supper for me. Maybe a stick or two of turkey jerky for the protein, to maintain muscle (yes, that goes through my head, as well. Columns of check offs. I’m an emerald for any familiar with the Dani Johnson gems).

We have other food Archie would have loved playing around with…..so it will be sad when it’s gone. So….cheese, crackers, sweet pickles, tomatoes, and jerky it is. That way I don’t have to face one more thing that is going to disappear and cause pain.

In walks Heartfelt again! Those people are relentless. Last Friday they gave us one of the pizzas from the fundraiser. Last night Andrea shows up with burritos all ready for the oven, but says, “and they freeze well, too!” Nope, supper last night.

Thoughtful and kind.

Today there is Poppy seed Chicken, salad, yogurt, and other goodies (even chocolate!!) on my desk first thing in the morning from Waneda. All fresh, so I can’t put them on the shelf as a challenge for Archie to put his “own” spin on. They are perfect just the way they are.

Gracious and selfless.

John 13:34-35: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this, all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

My co-workers continue showing God’s love. Most leave no doubt that they are living for my heavenly Dad as His disciples, just like His precious word commands.  Jehovah may have had the 12 that we know so well in Jesus’s day, but I think He would happily have added more names to His list, if the Bible weren’t already complete.

Well, I’m sure they will end up in print someday. Oh wait….;)

Those demonstrating God’s Love: Waneda, Andrea, Pam, Cassie, Pollyanna, Kathy, Pam (there are two), Ivan, Brittany, Hope, Martha, Levi, George, Bryan, Haley, Cindy, Chris, Benjamin, Morgan, Barb, Harlan, Ellen, Ben (there are two), Emma Lou, Richard, Linda, Willis, Joel.

Make that 28….. .




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  1. I continue to be astounded and most grateful for the kindness shown to you & Taylor by your truly Heartfelt family. My heart breaks daily that I can’t be there for you, but what a comfort to know they are there for you and they truly care!! You are blessed!

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