Shadows on a Pencil

It’s evening and the sun is retiring for the day. As the shadows creep across the desk, the glow of the computer screen reflects off the gold crimped band a top the pencil in Archie’s sharpener. Odd that it catches my eye. The pencil salutes like a proper soldier holding it’s position, waiting for a trumpet call.

The bugle boy, however, is no longer enlisted. Unknowingly, the pencil never waivers, maintaining its position, waiting for the battle to commence. But the battle will never begin again…..

Archie was an artist. At the funeral I had sketches he drew in high school and in his early 20s. Those were for the family and people that remembered him, “back in the day”.  Of late, his renderings were work related. He always said he wanted to draw for fun and would again….when he had time.

The pencil will never again be blessed with the warmth of his hand, the gentle glide of his stroke when shading, the fine detail known only in the Cooker’s mind. So it waits. Forever it will wait.

What is waiting for you? Do you have knitting needles screaming from behind a closet door? Does a guitar stare at you from a corner? Do the “nice dishes” beckon to you from the credenza–you know, you are going to have people over, someday…?  What are you waiting for?

You have a passion. Music? People? Creating? Organizing? We talked about this, remember? I’ll give you a hint: a lamp shade was involved ;). Now I stare at a pencil that will never be used to it’s fullest. I wonder how many masterpieces lie unclaimed beneath the wooden surface. How sad.

The pencil was ready. The sharpener close at hand. Paper within arms reach. Talent available. There was a hurdle. Who controlled that?

Matthew 25:29 “To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.”

WE are accountable for our choices, moment by moment. I fail daily. I focus on the immediate instead of the important. I am guilty. I can and do excuse away failures with details and descriptions of events that sound important, but are smoke and mirrors. I am the creator of my battle plan. I choose the targets. I determine the site of war. I decide what and where is the best use of my time/endeavors. Period. Other’s may oppress me and fear may hinder me, but when the buck stops, it lands right here.

The saluting pencil may never again be used for beautiful pictures, but what about pictures using words? I can do that. I am choosing: no bullet points or flowery, but empty, explanations. Archie’s legacy will live on, one choice at a time, one word at a time. As the shadow creeps, I sound the battle cry, for Archie. His pictures are being created, one word at a time.

Listen, what is calling you? Please, with the time you have left….answer.


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