New Release Day

Do you have a favorite day? Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, do you have more than one? Today was my favorite day of the month. I have one FAVORITE day a month, isn’t that cool?

We have incredible designers where I work and they release a new collection of dies, stamps, and paper the second Wednesday of every month. For us in customer service it’s the day the flood gates open and we paddle against the current for three days. It’s a challenge to keep up, but oh, so much fun to try!

This morning started out just like a normal day of a new release, I put in an order, we receive in an order. After entering orders for two hours, the count had only gone down one. I love that kind of a day, but I felt…..sad, so weird for me on release day.

January’s release was the day I was flying home from CA. The next day began our cancer journey, with nine straight days in the hospital. February, Heartfelt was bending over backwards to work with me on my hours and Archie’s chemo. I went in at 5 am and left at 7:15 for the first full day of Chemo for round two. 8 am-4:45pm, it was a long day. Two days later Archie went “home”.

This was my first normal release day, my favorite day of the month, since December. How I love the challenge and Archie loved to hear about it! I am one that doesn’t speak much of the daily routine. Archie loved to talk about his work. I heard about nearly every minute, moment by moment, on a nightly basis (that also explains how quiet my evenings are). He never understood how I didn’t need to unload…except on the week of the release! He got quite the ear full once a month and he’d sit and smile, asking questions and reflecting my excitement.

I didn’t understand why I felt sad until Emma Lou asked how I was feeling. When I told her and how I didn’t understand because it’s my favorite day….then it hit me…..Archie wouldn’t be home to share my excitement. It was mine for the first time ever…alone.

Arch and I always said nothing was “real” until we told one another, good or bad. Often we couldn’t even cry until the words were spoken and the heart of the other was revealed: if one of us could handle it, both of us could handle it. So it was with the enthusiasm of the new release. Likewise, the sadness of cancer. How could this day every feel real?

I joked with Emma Lou I would just spend the night. That way, technically, the day wouldn’t be over. But, that couldn’t really happen. This is just the way it is. My new normal. I’m not ready (not that I have a choice).

Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

Remember me talking about sympathy cards? Today I came home to four in the mail. Heartfelt shared Taylor and my journey with our “Heartfelt Family”. We received two from ladies we’ve never met, one from a couple who came in for a tour and one from a teacher from NMC, who is currently recovering from a stroke and relearning to walk. They are helping to carry our burden.

On a day when I “knew” I was alone, God-once again-proved me wrong.

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