With Every Word He Spoke

For the last 27+ years I have looked at something, assessed it, defined the size, shape, color, use, background, and value. That was only MY half of me. Then the magic four words: “What do you think?” would come out of my mouth and land in my other brain, Archie. His perception of said object was COMPLETELY different.

Archie’s eye for color will always amaze me. He saw varying shades and shadow not obvious to the naked eye. I truly think he had a gift. He would pick up an item and place it in the sun or in a shadow to “prove his point.” He’s a Cook, they have to prove everything ;)–I’m a Nunemaker….so do we. Have I mentioned the benefit of marriage counseling lately ๐Ÿ˜€ ????

(Seriously, though, it’s A LOT of fun for two people who have to prove they are right. No, it really is. We both loved it.).

Spider-webbing….ANYWAY, my point is, I listened to the other half of my brain’s analysis and my definition of the object would be affected. Note: I did not say changed.ย My opinions were still valid and what I said was real. His perception took off the sunglasses and everything came into focus and had more merit and opportunities for use. With the two sides of my brain working in harmony, the world made sense and was an adventure waiting to happen!

Now I am scrambling to figure out how a person focuses with just one brain. When I look at something I know in my heart I am not seeing it’s true value and potential. I am unsure how to attain a genuine opinion because I know I don’t have all the information.

Wow…in writing I just realized that in that mess of meandering there is hidden a word. Did you see it? Trust. Google search….done:ย 1 : firm belief in the character, strength, or truth of someone or something.

When you walk you don’t think about moving one leg, the amount of pressure you place on that leg, then the other leg, the amount of pressure on that leg, then the first leg again. You just know you are walking and moving forward.

When I said,”What do you think” I wouldn’t even think of it as Archie giving his opinion, it was just another step forward for clarity. The other side of my brain had been activated. I so trusted in who he was I never doubted or devalued the words that came out of his mouth. Did I always agree with them? Hello, I was born a Nunemaker with very strong opinions of my own, so that would be a “no”. But did I value them and did they ultimately shape my view of the world as I see it?

With every word he spoke.

Right now my world is messy. When the world speaks, it’s words are garbled because my filter for clarity is with my heavenly Dad, waiting for me. So…How do I function with one brain and when will the world make sense again?

Psalms 143:8 “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.”

My heavenly Dad has always been there and always will be. I will trust what I hear when the world speaks is accurate because He is my filter.ย The colors that I see are not as vibrant but I trust God will bring into view anything of importance. When things don’t turn out the way I expect (like now, for the perfect example), I still trust Him with…my life.

He allowed me 27 years of clarity with the boy from New York who I met in Virginia. Archie’s early life was messy, too, but our heaven Dad was the artist of his masterpiece, just like mine. Archie’s portrait, landscape or whatever the image, was completed before mine, but He’s still painting…one day at a time.

As for everything else? One breath at a time. And breath……



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  1. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป. Trust … Sometimes all we can do – and yet the best thing to do. Love you, Tracy. And Taylor. (Ever thought of compiling all of these in a book and publishing it someday? Could be a great devotional …)

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