Icy Black Gunk

This is March in Indiana. The day started with rain, turned to sleet, and was rounded off nicely with a whiteout blizzard. When I left work the snow had stopped falling but solid ice was peeking through tracks on the snow covered roads. Where God showed up to me on the way home was really weird, to say the least.

People had slid off the road, a police officer was at the scene of one accident, snow plows trying to dig out, but what kept catching my eye was the little chunks of icy black gunk that accumulate in your wheel wells after blizzards. A little hunk here, a little lump there. Here’s where my mind went (a cup of coffee and piece of chocolate would go nicely. Really, I’ll wait…….. )

Imagine if you will the beginning of a snowflake, let’s give it a life shall we? Let it be us?!?! We start as a crystal clear drop of water looking down at a patchwork of land beneath us. We are in the most comfortable fluffy cloud until a frosty wind whips us off balance! We swirl out of control. While spinning we are crystallizing and our descent is decreasing in speed to that of floating. Instantly, we begin enjoying the journey as we see our beautiful fractions reflecting opulent colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (Archie taught me the colors of the rainbow 🙂 ). The earth looks quiet and peaceful. Other crystals, though none exactly like us, are spinning, laughing, and squealing with the delight of their new found freedom. We take a deep breath of the crisp air. Glorious!

THUMP! We hit the snow covered road a bit harder than expected, but that’s ok. The journey was long so maybe we can just rest a spell. What is that hum? It’s getting louder, and louder. Swoosh! We have been driven on and now we are adhered to the bottom of a tire along with many of our neighboring snowflakes. With every spin of the tire the more grim gets caught in our fractures. No more sunshine. No more pretty colors.

The longer we travel we transform back into our fluid form but this time no one can see us through the filth. We spatter into the wheel-well with our neighbors and slowly freeze together in misery. When this humming thing finally halts, the jar shakes us loose and we fall into insignificant, messy masses. No one notices us until the big yellow humming thing with the blade on the front smashes us together and scoops us into one giant mound to sit…and freeze…..and wait…. . We look out over the world and it doesn’t look very pretty from our pile of dark, dirty, snow. We used to be white and beautiful. Do you remember? Does anyone remember…….?

The air is getting warmer, do you feel it? I think we are getting smaller, this pile of “us”. You can see the stream of water leaking far below. The ground is getting closer with each sunny day.

One day we we are starring at the Carolina blue sky from the asphalt. It’s hard and prickly, nothing like our fluffy cloud. I miss our fluffy cloud so soft and comforting. Now we are dry, dark, and heavy. So sad, we can no longer glisten in the sun. Sniff.

Wosh, wosh, wosh, wosh. The sound of the straw covered stick gets closer. Wosh, wosh, wosh, the sky is getting cloudy with dust! Whosh, whosh–off we fly! Into the sky we are swept. I can’t breath, can you? The air is so thick and we are flying so fast! No more floating, no more pretty views.

Thump, we land again. We squeeze our eyes shut tightly remembering the first thump. Everything pretty was taken away. Don’t be scared, I’ll open my eyes first…. . Ooooohhh…..open your eyes quick! It’s pretty here! Look what the other snowflakes did! There are trees and flowers! Listen! Do you hear the birds? I think I see a cricket. He’s rubbing his legs together and playing a fiddle. Watch out for the bunny! She felt so soft.

Hmmmmm……this place doesn’t look so bad, do you think? It’s not the fluffy cloud. We can’t sparkle with the sun or float with freedom. We could, however, thrive where we are planted. Nurture those around us. Watch THEM grow in beauty and change the world through others. What do you think?

1 Corinthian 7:21  Were you a slave when called? Do not be concerned about it. Even if you can gain your freedom, make use of your present condition now more than ever.

Make use of my present condition….even if it may eventually change….. . What will I/you do with the time you have left….? His questions rings in my mind every day….. .



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