Lamp Shade Identified as Self-Consciousness

Tonight I am sitting in a room dimly lit. The oddity is…the room is filled with lamps. Ambient lighting, right? Low light, dark shadows. Shapes only. No definition.

Why do we like darkness? Darkness is like a blanket, covering imperfections. It’s comfortable, safe. You cannot see the messes we leave behind.

A room will never be seen for what it truly is nor the artwork the room contains, if it is lit with shaded lamps. Brilliant light corralled by a ring of darkness. Likewise is self-consciousness. Do you find that an odd comparison? Let me explain my mental meanderings:

God has given each of us an amazing light to shine. The light is unique only to the individual. Our heavenly Dad gave you passion and fervor. I cannot shine YOUR light for you. Does that make sense? What are your passions? If you could not fail, what would you do or become? Would you dance? Sing? Act? Go to a third world country on a missions trip? Become a doctor, attorney, a chef? Where is your zeal found? What is stopping you?

I am guilty, just like you. What is dimming your light? A ring of darkness so shaped by____________(mine is self-consciousness) that takes your God-given brilliant light and mutes it: glimmers directed upwards, where people look, just enough for, in your eyes, others to accept you (people you don’t even like, btw), but the majority of your light is wasted on the floor where no one even bothers to look. In our house we say if you identify it you can deal with it, so what is the name of YOUR “shade”?

We maneuver from one dimly lit area of our life to an other, thinking we are living in the Sonshine, but in reality, we feel as if no one even knows who we really are, cowering from one shadow to the next……guilty. What will it take for you to take off the shade and shine?

I have been blessed. One of the reasons Archie loved, no…really really loved, Heartfelt Creations was because Cindy, my cohort in customer service, conveyed to me on my very first day……..freedom to be me. She said she was told this: There is no mistake that can’t be fixed…..or forgiven. Unbelievable! Freedom! No more standing with my posterior against the wall in anticipation of the next person stabbing me in the back. Why would they? Forgiveness is associated with blamelessness. The quicker I own my mistakes, all the more rapidly someone can teach me how to not do it again or at least forgive and walk beside me because we are headed for the same goal. No more looking for the pits others dig in front of me setting me up for failure so they can go around. Freedom to look and run forward, without fear. Archie loved the freedom of Heartfelt Creations. He saw a renewed confidence in me and a freedom for himself.

What is it going to take for you to be free–to be you, and let your light shine? What fears do you have or should I say fear of failures? What standards are you holding for yourself that are not healthy because you find the hardest person to forgive…is yourself? If you don’t try, you can’t fail, right? Again, what is the name of your shade that is holding you back?

Archie spent quite a bit of time with our Heartfelt Creations crew. He wanted to grow up and be just like them. Except for Linda and Willis, the remainder of the crew were 15 years younger, that was his challenge :). What is yours?




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  1. I want to grow up and be just like YOU! Keep writing…you have no idea how much of a blessing & inspiration you are to me. I love you.

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