Reese’s Cups

IMG_20160228_225137Archie’s favorite candy was Reese’s Cups. We even took a picture of him with a Reese’s Cup cartoon figure when we visited Hershey, PA–one of our best trips EVER!!!! We did a tour of the town, made our very own candy bars (Archie named his “TLC 4 ME”), and experienced the chocolate tasting. We learned about dark chocolate and cocoa content. Ahhh, good times.

When he was going through chemo he had no appetite what so ever. The medicine/chemical changed the flavor of food. They told him,”Eat high calorie foods.” Being he had no appetite, that was even a challenge. He found the only two food items that even tasted remotely the same were bbq and chocolate. Enter Tom and Jolene. They bring Archie one of the biggest bags of Reese’s cups I have ever seen. Jolene, like Archie, has wonderful taste in chocolate. He was excited, well, as excited as you can be when you don’t want anything to eat but people that love you bring in an item that doesn’t taste like chalk or cardboard–not that I would know what those taste like ;).

Over the next 3 wks when he couldn’t handle any food, somehow we would talk him into at least having a Reese’s cup. And who can now say that chocolate isn’t a life savor…at least for three wks. The remainder of the bag went to be shared at his funeral.

Today I unpacked the Tarheel trash can. Wrapped in a towel under his trophies and Archie bobblehead was the glass container of Reese’s cups. I pick them up stoicly. I carried them into the “warm room” and placed them on the desk. Now they are starring at me while I write. Each one shiny gold with the distinct orange oval and precious description,”Reese’s”, to dismiss any doubt that these are not authentic.

The Reese’s cups remind me of the funeral. Our family really did not like the pseudo ism or fictitiousness of funerals. Everyone comes dressed up, not looking at all like they are on the inside. They act “appropriately for a funeral”, some like they and the deceased were the “best of friends” when in all honestly, they secretly loathed the departed. And then, being the family, and knowing the secret, we smile and receive in their insincere condolences, because in reality, it is not our burden to carry. Matthew 18:22 reminds us of how many times we are suppose to forgive, so no matter what the wrong….we forgive and let go. We feel pity for the cross they must carry for their choices in life and are grateful that millstone is not around our necks. No contempt, no ill feelings, just deep sorrow for them missing out.

Others dress in their Sunday Best, out of respect. I hope when they left, they knew how grateful we were for them being in Archie and our lives. We hope that they realized we respected them, not because of the regalia they wore but because their hearts were broken, with ours. We would love and accept them just the way they are. No “wrappers” needed. We could tell they were authentic.

So, now my question: do I….do you….feel like we have to wear a
“wrapper” so people will know who we are or what we’ve accomplished? When will it be good enough to just be ourselves and let people love us for who we are? We all have layers, like the chocolate covering the peanut butter. We are so busy trying to show people our wrappers we aren’t allowing then to savor the combination of flavors that make us uniquely us. How sad would it be just to stare back at these Reese’s cups and accept that THEY SAY they are Reese’s cup, so that is good enough. Nope. I don’t care about the pretty polished wrapper. I really only care about what is on the inside, sooooo…..I’m going to eat a Reese’s cup.

The next time you find yourself looking at Archie (and Jolene’s) favorite candy, buy it quickly! RIP OFF that wrapper, than savor the unparalleled flavor. While your at it. Stop worrying so much about what you wear, how you speak, or what you drive. Be yourself. Anybody worth being in your life will relish you, being you. Archie did that for me.






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