Fizzy Pop and Sympathy Cards

What do you do when you don’t feel well?  When I was little my mom was church secretary. She’d grab a sleeping bag and the little black and white tv. We’d choose a room in the church and that’s where we’d stay. No coming to the office every 10 minutes because if we were too sick to be in school, we were too sick to chat.

As we got older, mom had read that coca cola was good for stomach aches. She kept those little 8 oz bottles that were popular in the 80’s in the basement for “such an emergency”. It’s kinda amazing how many stomach aches one can have when coca cola is only available for illnesses. Just being honest…. .

The fizzy pop always made us feel better. Even thinking about it brings comfort: the snap of opening the bottle, the sound of the fizz, the look of the bubbles, the shock of first sip! Ahhh, brings a smile 🙂

So I ask the question: what brings you comfort NOW when you don’t feel well? Why is it that sounds so much more complicated as adults? “What do you mean ‘feel’? Emotionally, physically, spiritually, psychologically, financially?” Different comforts for different maladies. Well….except chocolate….and coffee…..those are a comfort in almost any situation, but I digress.

Sympathy cards. What does that mean? What does it mean to have sympathy for someone else? According to the dictionary:”the fact or power of sharing the feelings of another, especially in sorrow or trouble; fellow feeling, compassion, or commiseration” Taking that feeling/power and expressing it in a card, something to reflect your innermost feelings of pain for someone else and conveying those through something the other person can hold in their hand. They can see it, feel it, read it, listen to it as it opens and closes.

I never realized the comfort, the alleviation of burden as those around lifted the crushing weight of despair, until February 12, 2016. God showed up in those sympathy cards, in the notes of sympathy and empathy, and in all of the signed names.   

How many times have you offered a note of sympathy? Me? Not enough. What will you do the next time you feel helpless and cannot tell another person how much you hurt for them? I need to create more sympathy cards. Whether store bought or handmade, the feelings and support are undeniable. Though I have failed in the past, tomorrow is a new day. That is one thing I can do,”with the time I have left.”

I think Archie would approve.




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  1. I have always thought of cards as a”waste of money”… read them and in most cases, throw them away. I will have to reconsider their purpose and meaning! Thank you…as always, your writing continues to inspire me!

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