Through the snow….

Snow day! What memories coming flooding into your mind when those words are sung? When I was a child it was ugly orange snow pants and my green igloo winter coat. Why did I get stuck with the ugly orange and my brother had the blue coat and matching blue snow pants? Life was sooooo unfair :p. My mom would make us wear a scarf over our mouth and nose so as to not breath in the frigid air. My glasses got all steamed up and ice crystals would form on my Northwood Panthers scarf, knitted by Grandma Smeltzer, complete with my name embroidered above the fringe. Yep, add a red and black scarf to the burnt orange pants and hunter green jacket and I was the spitting image of….who knows and who cares? How the heck do I get that repulsive memory out of my mind? yikes!

As an adult, my mind drifts to two years ago. Archie and I both had a snow day from work–so exciting! Taylor was safely snowed in at a friends house, so no worries there. What to do, what to do?! We did have home repairs on the agenda….but this was a SNOW DAY! Those are right up there with Christmas and birthdays!

We reached into the “wayback” box and broke out board games, just the two of us, for hours. We flirted, reminisced, drank coffee, laughed our butts off, and drank more coffee. Then he would put on another pot, usually Jamaica Me Crazy from Dutch Maid Bakery (only the best coffee ever) and we would begin again.

He always made the best coffee. I would swear I measured it exactly like he did, but his tasted so much better than mine. Even though he knew that, he would always ask,”how’s your coffee?” His look was of a tense expectant father, waiting for the good news. His shoulders wouldn’t relax until I said,”Perfect! You always make the best coffee.” He’d flash me the only-Archie smile and we’d break into another board game.

Hmmmm….do you ever do anything, well, something, on a regular basis but it doesn’t mean anything until the person you love affirms you? Arch knew he made the best coffee. He proved it time and again, yet each time he yearned to hear the words, as if from our heavenly Dad,”well done, good and faithful servant.”

He showed his love for me time and again in the little things. The coffee, warming up my vehicle, he and Taylor starting supper. Each time it would mean all the more to him if I acknowledged his effort and thanked him. He never pointed out his good deed, but would beam when he knew I noticed. More than that…we always said,”I love you,” before we left or said goodbye…ALWAYS. People would make fun, but we’d steal a special look to each other as if to say,”they just don’t understand,” grin and say it LOUDER, just because we’re…us.

Today was a snow day….three months ago my stomach would have birthed butterflies of anticipation for the day with my Archie. But today……the house is quiet…. . The fury kids rest quietly on my lap. No board games on the horizon. No pot of coffee.

Taylor has two months of college left, so she works tenaciously towards that goal. I show my love for Taylor by asking what I can do to help. Make coffee? a single cup, kurig style. Warm her supper? No games, no time. College calls, Taylor listens. She’s such a responsible woman. Her dad was soooo proud. No time for snow day fun.

This snow day I sit in quiet reflection: Through the snow I am reminded of how my beloved needed to be affirmed, even when he knew he was the best. Through the snow I am reminded of time stolen to celebrate, “just because it’s a snow day.” Through the snow I am reminded to take time to laugh, because you are never guaranteed another snow day.

So, I ask anyone who happens on my ramblings…have you affirmed your love? Have you taken time to celebrate “just because”? Have you filled your snow day with laughter?

Oh….to have one more snow day to share with Archie……I was blessed.

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  1. What a blessing you are-and an inspiration to all who come in contact–we are both shedding tears for you–soooo wish we had the words/ability to comfort you-we can only ask God to do what we can’t-lovu much–:-)

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